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Good try. With a couple of hundred thousand 4 installs already around and more of 70% of customers who already upgraded from the old 3 we didn’t receive a single complain about performance. You are the first. So there must be something wrong with your install, or on that specific machine, or on your network. But, to be honest, I have some difficulties to believe.

If you know how to do, run the session for a couple of minutes, then locate the nxnode.bin process running the session. It shouldn’t be difficult. Considering the poor performance you are experiencing I suppose it must be very high on top. Do a kill -USR1 of the pid, then make a zip on the .nx directory in %HOME% on the client and a tar.gz of /usr/NX/var and of the .nx directory of the desktop user on the server. Send to our support. You can also display the statistics in the player. Open the panel -> Connection -> Take the statistics. I’m curious to see what is it.

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