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    I’m always getting a connection timeout (Windows 10) when try to connecting to NoMachine remote workstation. Before this happen I’ve successfully connected before. The message showed

    A connection timeout has occurred while trying to connect to 'xx.xx.152.176' on port '4000'. The issue could either be caused by a networking problem, by a firewall or NAT blocking incoming traffic or by a wrong server address. Please verify your configuration and try again.

    Thank you


    Are you connecting on LAN? Where is the NoMachine workstation and what is installed there?

    Are you connecting from outside the network i.e over the Internet?

    Which IP address are you using? It must be the public-facing IP address.

    Please take a look at this article https://www.nomachine.com/getting-started-with-nomachine, section: “Using NoMachine for remote access to a computer over the internet”, it shows where to find the external IP.

    Have you enabled port-mapping on your router?

    It might also be useful check this article:

    How to connect over the internet to NoMachine behind a NAT router

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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