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    Hi folks

    Thanks for a great product. I am using NoMachine to connect from my Windows workstation to a Mac Mini running Final Cut Pro. It works very well, but there is a slight audio delay.

    The audio delay is in the range of 230-260ms. I’m testing using a sync video I found on youtube, which I then load into Final Cut to analyze the audio ‘blip’ and compare to the video readout. Please see attached image.

    I’ve tried adjusting the video and audio options in NoMachine to differing qualities, but this only seems to make things worse. The best option seems to be ‘maximum’ video and audio quality. I’ve also experimented VP8 and MJPEG with no discernable difference. I’m running at 1920×1080, H.264/DXVA video and Opus 44kHZ stereo audio.

    Is there a way to tell the NoMachine client to delay the video feed by a certain millisecond value? This would allow me to ‘sync’ the two. Alternatively, is there any way of reducing the audio delay?

    Ironically, if I could prioritize the audio so it arrived first, and it was just the video which was delayed, I could easily solve this by delaying the audio locally using a tool like Audio Hijack. But, it is not so easy to ‘delay’ video!

    Appreciate any insight you can offer.


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