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    I am trying to connect a dualsense controller plugged in to my Android client with an OTG USB C cable, connected to a Windows server trying to use it to play games.

    The only things that work are the touchpad with mouse buttons, the d-pad as arrow keys and the left analog stick also as arrow keys. I wish to directly forward the USB if possible so I can use the remapping program on the server but haven’t managed to find whether this is possible, since the threads I have followed have either not been resolved or had a different issue.

    I hope that this is not a duplicate, I just wanted to clarify whether any USB device can be forwarded to a server from an Android client (I have used a Bluetooth mouse which did forward left and right click buttons as well as the scroll wheel and a bluetooth keyboard, but no wired USB devices)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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