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    I’m using NoMachine 7.7.4 on both my 2019 MacBook Pro and my Windows 10 PC.  I’m using the client on the PC to connect to the server running on the MacBook Pro.  If I connect to the Mac when the display is closed, I get a black screen in the client window.  The display re-appears whenever I press a key and I am not prompted to enter a password.  When the display is black, I sometimes see a green dot in the upper-right corner where the Control Center button is.  The issue does not happen when the display is open.  The MacBook Pro is running macOS Monterry 12.1 Beta.  I have the display configured to never turn off.


    Sorry for the delay.

    When the MacBook’s lid is closed, normally you shouldn’t even be able to connect at all. Unfortunately this is prevented by the system, unless you use an external app that prevents system sleep, plug a fake display adapter or keep an active ssh connection to the MackBook. Also the NoMachine built-in Wake-on-LAN feature may help, depending on system and network configuration. If I understand, you seem to be able to connect, but you get a black screen. Are you using any of those methods to keep the machine awake? Are you still using the Beta version of Monterey?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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