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    Hi, I’m trying to connect to Rock64 SBC from my Linux 64 bit Ubuntu desktop.

    After connection established I see NoMachine window as a black screen.
    I’m able to move mouse pointer on the Rock64, select and move windows etc. Just no video and black screen on the remote window.

    Please any advice what to check.



    I have a good experience with NoMachine access to my Raspberry Pi2/3, Odroid XU4, Odroid-C2 and TinkerBoard.




    We’re waiting for the board so we can investigate this – it’s one that we’ve not yet added to the tested list 😉



    Apologies for the late reply – we managed to get hold of the board and we carried out quite a few tests.

    We were able to reproduce the problem on Ubuntu, but it looks like it’s an issue on Xorg side. We were able also to find a workaround.

    You can stop LightDM service (sudo service lightdm stop), restart nxserver (sudo /usr/NX/bin/nxserver --restart) and then connect to the host.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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