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    I get a black screen when connecting from my Mac Mini The goal (again) is to use it headless. I am connecting from windows 10 and am in the process of upgrading everything on it. I’ve upgraded NoMachine and still have the same problem I did several versions ago. I’m attaching the server log. I was not able to find the place to set the codec on the server which was a previous suggestion.

    I am using the free version. If workstation is better and I can run it for evaluation before buying I’d consider that.

    My primary motivation is to be able to run xcode and some other mac tools in a window from other machines.

    I’m also wondering if this is a good solution to help my parents with their mac’s and through itunes manage the apps on their iphones. I might be able to do a hop through facetime on mac.

    Mac Version 5.2.11 ( server )

    Windows Version 5..11( ( viewer)


    Hello, server log is missing. if you prefer you can send it to forum (at) nomachine (dot) com.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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