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    Hello, so I have reinstalled OS on my PC from which I was connecting to my another laptop. Now when I try to connect to that laptop it says wrong password. I use built-in administrator and I am sure I have the right password because I can “run as” this user something on the laptop and it works!

    I can connect to another machine but not to my laptop. What can be wrong? Is this authenticating really with the Windows user or something else?



    Hello McVitas,

    Authentication expects name of account which is valid on server host. Can you log on desktop of Administrator when using your Windows laptop directly? Is the account name localized, as described here:
    Is the problem still present when you use different account? What version of NoMachine are you using?


    So it works now. Not sure what was the problem, but likely the ip address of the machine changed and I was actually connecting to some other PC on the network :-]


    but I wonder: what is the purpose of the “nx” user?


    More about the ‘nx’ user is available here:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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