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    I have both Linux – Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 10/11 machines. On my home network, I can connect to/from any of them. I set up a Linux laptop at my daughter’s house and the connection was just fine while I was using her network. Once I got back home, connection was not possible.

    I also routinely connect to my mom’s Windows 10 computer in another state to resolve issues;  I use unattended access. Installing NoMachine on her computer, was never able to connect.

    Both scenarios give the following message: Ooops A connection timeout has occurred while trying to connect to '' on port '4000'. The issue could either be caused by a networking problem, by a firewall or NAT blocking incoming traffic or by a wrong server address. Please verify your configuration and try again.

    If I am able to connect while using their home network without changing anything, what is preventing me from connecting once I am outside of their network?


    Hi, we merged your two topics to create one 🙂

    The error message you show indicates that the router on the side you are connecting to is not allowing incoming connections. You should follow the instructions here:

    How to connect over the internet to another computer with NoMachine

    When NoMachine Network, a new functionality we are developing, becomes available, this will mean that you don’t need to know the IP address of your target computer nor enable special access on your router.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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