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    NoMachine 7.7.4, Free edition

    I am experiencing issues connecting to one PC.

    My local machine is running Windows 10.
    The remote server machine with the issue is running Windows 11.
    When connecting I get various errors, such as: Timeout/Connection timeout/remote host refused.
    As a test, I can connect to separate server (Windows 7) so local config appears correct.
    Both of these “servers” connect to the internet through AT&T Arris devices which are identically configured.
    I thought it could be the firewall on the Win 11 machine. Win 11 is running the McAfee firewall which I disabled for 15 minutes to conduct test.

    No change.

    Any Advice?


    There are 3 things you can check:

    1) that the NoMachine server is running on the Windows 11 host that you are trying to connect to:

    open the NoMachine player > Settings > Server > Status.  Does the server show as running? Are any IP addresses listed there.  You can see an the example here: If it isn’t, enable the server. (Btw, when you initially installed NoMachine did you restart the computer?)

    2) Connecting to the localhost is an simple test to check that NoMachine is up and running correctly as well. On the Windows 11 computer, open the Player > Add connection > write ‘localhost’ in the field ‘Host’ and click ‘Connect’.  A successful connection to localhost will show your desktop infinitely mirrored within the Player window.

    3) If you’re connecting to the NoMachine server from a public network, verify that its public IP is visible in the list (point 1) and that your connection uses the port mapped on the router.

    Some more useful tips are available here:


    In regards to “1)”:
    PC was restarted after the install, NoMachine server is running, and an intranet IP address is displayed –

    I will try the test in “2)” and post the results.

    In regards to “3)”:
    All three machines are on separate private networks, in different States of the US.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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