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    NoMachine Free Version 6.7.6
    From: Laptop – Win 10 Home 1809 – 64 bit, using laptop display
    To: Desktop – Win 10 Pro 1903 – 64 bit

    In response to posts about problems with mouse control when playing games remotely, e.g. Minecraft, I attempted to follow the directions in post #6224:

    “While connected to the remote computer, open the NoMachine menu (Ctrl+Alt+0) chose Devices then  Connect a USB device, find your local USB mouse and click Connect.”

    On my local laptop I have touchpad and a USB wireless mouse, but I could not see any devices shown.

    So I connected another mouse – MS Basic Optical Mouse V2 – I made sure that I downloaded the latest driver from Microsoft.  I noticed that the Device Manager Events tab showed the driver had failed to migrate, so I connected to a different USB port and confirmed successful migration.

    So I know that my mouse driver is correctly installed (see MouseDriverDetails.png), yet when I go to Connect a USB device there is nothing there! (See NoDevices.png)

    To clarify: from my laptop I run NoMachine and connect to my desktop PC.  While viewing my Desktop PC I bring up the options menu, select Devices and Connect a USB device and I see no local and no remote devices!

    Am I missing something?  Can you help me please?


    Hi Jarf23,

    Based on the screenshot you have attached, I can conclude that the USB forwarding module is disabled on at least one of your machines.

    It can be done manually by user, or another reason can be some conflicting software detected on your machine\machines.

    To be more precise, can you please send the logs from both machines (Client and Server) to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com and I will try to find out the exact reason.

    How to collect the NoMachine log files: AR10K00697

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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