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    I just updated my NoMachine Enterprise Client to version 7 and ran into what has become a major usability regression for me. I often monitor several machines and need to make the windows for these sessions very small to save screen space. However, after upgrading to version 7, I can no longer make them any smaller than the default size of a new window.

    I’m not sure if this change was intended, but this worked perfectly in version 6. Because this is crucial behavior, I looked at reverting to NoMachine Enterprise Client 7, but I could not find a place to download previous versions.

    I’ve used another machine to show an example of the type of window sizes I am talking about.


    Hi flight750,

    There was an error during the upload of the file, because the file exceeds the maximum size allowed.

    Can you please send it to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, referencing the topic as subject ?



    Thanks for pointing that out. I downsized and compressed the image. Should be fine now.


    I can no longer make them any smaller than the default size of a new window.

    You are right and we will fix this. When we redesigned the UI, we didn’t take into consideration the need for such small session windows.  You’re the only one that has actually brought this to our attention, but this doesn’t mean it deserves less attention. Thank you for pointing this out to us and we will put it right. I can provide a download link for the earlier version and send it to you in the meantime. Is that ok?


    Yes, thanks for taking up this issue! I am surprised nobody else has mentioned it, but it’s understandable how a detail like this might be missed under a UI revamp. If I would actually be able obtain the previous version of the enterprise client for now that would be great, I don’t really have an appetite for going through installing a bunch of alternatives to find something that might work decently.


    Hi flight750, please try our latest update and let us know if the window resize now better fits your needs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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