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    When I go into the keyboard shortcuts and try to re-define a shortcut, nothing gets set! I tried every shortcut, but after selecting “Change”, nothing happens, and then when I de-select change, the original keyboard shortcut shows up. This is frustrating since the keys that are defined are not working. For example, the “Toggle the multimonitor fullscreen” does not work.

    I need a simple method of changing from full screen (2x monitors) to just one screen (one screen on my side, DO NOT change the host screen resolution) without the cumbersome mouse menu system and even then, it changes the host resolution. My other VNC viewer does not do this.


    Hi. What is the Windows version running on the computer where you try to change shortcuts?
    Did you try to register multiple different shortcuts, and none of them work? There is a chance that some key combinations are already used by the Operating System, so NoMachine can’t take over it.

    About changing the host resolution, if you want to avoid that behaviour you should be sure to disable the Display option “Resize remote display” and never select the radios “Resize the remote display…” in the Display resolution welcome panel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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