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    I have the free version of NoMachine 5.0.563 installed on an Ubuntu 16.04 desktop, a Manjaro laptop, and an Android tablet.  My goal is to connect from the laptop and tablet to the desktop, but I can’t.  Both laptop and tablet get an error that the connection to the desktop was lost.  Desktop NX is advertised on the network and found.  I can ssh to the desktop, and I can telnet to port 4000, so it doesn’t seem to be a networking issue.  The strange thing is that I can connect to NoMachine on the laptop using both the desktop and the tablet, and as far as I know I’m using a default install on both computers, so I don’t know why it would work on one but not the other.

    The server log is full of errors like the following:

    2016-09-24 23:40:14 455.892 25269 NXSERVER WARNING! Cannot write to FD#8.
    2016-09-24 23:40:14 456.036 25269 NXSERVER WARNING! Error is: 32, ‘Broken pipe’.

    And nxerror.log on the server looks has the following:

    O pending 126 wpending 7 retry 0.
    26636 26651 00:09:47 920.239 Encryptor/Encryptor: ERROR! Decryption read from BIO failed in context [D].
    Error: Decryption read from BIO failed in context [D].
    26636 26651 00:09:47 920.267 Channel/Channel: WARNING! Runnable DaemonReader failed for FD#5.
    26636 26651 00:09:47 920.279 Channel/Channel: WARNING! Error is 74, ‘Bad message’.
    Warning: Connection from port 41690 failed on Sun Sep 25 00:09:47 2016.
    Warning: Connection error is 74, ‘Bad message’.
    Info: Handler with pid 26636 terminated on Sun Sep 25 00:09:47 2016.
    Info: Handler started with pid 26867 on Sun Sep 25 00:14:11 2016.
    Info: Handling connection from port 58654 on Sun Sep 25 00:14:11 2016.
    26867 26875 00:14:15 492.722 DaemonGreeter/DaemonGreeter: WARNING! Read from FD#5 failed.
    26867 26875 00:14:15 492.772 DaemonGreeter/DaemonGreeter: WARNING! Error 5, ‘Input/output error’.
    Warning: Connection from port 58654 failed on Sun Sep 25 00:14:15 2016.
    Warning: Connection error is 5, ‘Input/output error’.
    Info: Handler with pid 26867 terminated on Sun Sep 25 00:14:15 2016.

    I can’t figure out why there would be a FD error or an I/O error.  Could it be permissions?

    The client logs say “WARNING! Ignoring the I/O error and waiting for the daemon error reporting. …  Connection at 0x9e9445c0 failed. … Runnable at 0x9e9445c0 caused the session at 0xad19c1c0 to fail. … Failing reason is ‘The connection with the server was lost’.”

    I would be really grateful for any help, this is really quite frustrating.


    Please try updating your NoMachine version. You can do it from GUI: click on NoMachine icon in the tray -> “Show the server status” -> “Server preferences” -> “Updates” -> “Check now”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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