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    Hey. Long story short:

    I somehow managed a connection from my android phone to my PC while I was at work (used [other tool] to config my PC from my phone). Now I got a new phone and a new router at home and don’t remember how I managed this, but I remember it was pretty hard somehow.


    If I make a new connection at my phone, take the nx protocol and type in 123.456.78.9 (surely not this, rather my ipv4 ip 🙂  ) at “host” and 4000 at “port” I get the “error 113”

    If I try nx://123.456.78.9 as host, I get “error 99”.


    Where is the problem? I know it will maybe something pretty dumb and easy solution, but I kind of new at this tool and got lucky last time to get a connection somehow I guess. Could you give me a helping hand maybe?




    When you connected with NoMachine previously, and it was working, you may have been connecting on your home LAN network? You will need to enable UPnP or enable port-forwarding on your router.

    This topic will help you:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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