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    I read many topics about monitors but I don’t find the solution.

    I have a  KDE-neon virtual machine working under ESXi-6.7 with  open-VM tools installed.
    256 Mb of video memory and 2 monitors at the VM setup.

    NoMachine 7.10.1

    I connect from an other KDE neon with NoMachine 7.10.1

    NoMachine does not find the  2 monitors. At the display setup in the KDE there is only one monitor:

    How could I have the two monitors ?

    Thanks in advanced



    The problem appears to be in ESXi and how it doesn’t handle multi-monitors in remote connections, and not in NoMachine. In our tests of remote connections to virtual machines in VMware ESXi environments, the multiple monitors feature is not supported (in VMware).

    NoMachine connects you to the desktop environment that’s installed on the remote host. That desktop can be a physical one or it can be running in a VM, it doesn’t matter. You will connect to the physical display/monitor running there. In the case of a headless Linux, so no physical monitor attached, NoMachine is able to create a virtual display for you. NoMachine also lets you switch between those displays if it detects multiple displays or monitors available there:

    If you also have multi-monitors on the client side, and you need to connect to multiple virtual displays on the server side, you could try NoMachine Workstation which provides the functionality of “NoMachine virtual desktop sessions”.  Read more about this here:

    How multi-monitors on client side work when connected to a remote desktop

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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