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    I’ve been remote controlling  Centos 6 with NoMachine since 2016 and it always works flawlessly on dozens of Centos 6 servers, up to this day.

    But with Centos 7 I always have problems with NoMachine.   When the server is freshly rebooted, NoMachine works well.   But if you login a few hours/days later, when you click menus inside Centos 7 GUI, nothing happens. Sometimes they open, but you cant click the options inside the menus. Its infuriating.  Other times, the screen stops refreshing properly and you see everything repeating like those old freezing Windows XP windows.  I am forced to reboot the server.

    Every year I test the latest centos 7 + latest NoMachine, and I always see the same problems. The latest test was yesterday.

    Is there anything I should know about fixing this?

    Thank you


    Hi, what desktop environment is running on Centos in both the 6 and 7 installations?

    Do you have a monitor attached?


    Stock gnome environment on both 6 and  7.

    No, no monitors attached.





    Are the affected sessions run in NoMachine virtual displays? I guess they are as no physical screen is attached to the server.
    Would you look at CPU and memory usage while the problem is occurring?
    Would you send server logs?
    Would you get the output of command “glxinfo” in the remote session?

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    I’m reinstalling everything and will let you know the info you ask! thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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