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    Trying out the free version for now. I heard you can get 3d acceleration over it.

    I have Windows 2008 r2 installed on remote desktop with AMD RX 550 Graphics Installed on there. No screen is attached however, absolutely headless. Latest drivers installed and Windows is updated.
    Whenever I connect the screen size is 640×480 and can’t be changed(Greyed Out). The screen is seen as Mobile PC Display.

    The┬áRDP works fine, but as I know it’s all done by the cpu so it’s different.
    Connecting from Windows 10 Using latest NoMachine client.

    Does anyone ever had same kind of problem? If anyone can help I’ll be thankful.




    The main difference between terminal services on Windows Server and NoMachine is that latter provides access to the screen of the console seat. In that way you can benefit the graphics acceleration of the video card but limited to one user session.

    In your case, the video card looks working in a low-profile mode, very likely because no screen is attached to it. If the card cannot be configured to turn an output on with no screen attached, consider using a fake screen dongle you can attach to the video card (try to search for “headless hdmi dongle”).



    Huh, Didn’t think about using headless dvi dongle.

    Thanks GrayWolf. I’ll order one right away and will check it out. Most likely it will work then.


    Just to update this thread and say it’s fixed. Dongles solved my problem. Now I can choose up to 4k, what rx550 can push out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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