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    When I copy (within NX) some non-English symbols and trying to paste them on host OS – then symbols converted to Unicode.


    проблема -> \u043f\u0440\u043e\u0431\u043b\u0435\u043c\u0430

    How to fix this?


    (version 4.6.16 both sides)


    Hello unlim.

    Could you provide details about the operating systems on the both sides and whether the problem arises connecting to a physical or a virtual display?


    I use Win7-Win10 as host OS and CentOS 5x-6x as client OS.

    Client OS are remote only – no physical access.


    I tried to reproduce without success.

    Could you tell me how do you access the remote clients, through NoMachine as well?

    What is the application you copy from and the one you paste to?


    Yes, I’ve use both NX 3x and NX 4x clients to connect to my remote OS.
    Problem happens when I copy on my remote OS and paste on my host OS.

    Problem happens for all nonEnglish characters.


    In addition: application does not reall matter, I use different…


    I see this problem with this setup:

    Client NX 3.5 for Windows -> Server 4.6.16 for Linux (Centos 6.5).

    NX 3.5 cannot copy/paste non-latin charachters, but I didn’t find any issue copying from/to Linux and Windows when both sides run NoMachine 4.6.

    Plase try running NoMachine 4 on both sides, don’t mix-up NX 3 and NoMachine 4. If this won’t solve your problem, please send relevant log files to forum (at) nomachine (dot) com

    With “relevant log” I mean:

    • /usr/NX/var/log and $HOME/.nx  on Linux
    • %ProgramData%\NoMachine\var\log and  %USERPROFILE%\.nx on Windows

    Please gather logs with troublesome session running and connected.



    Seems that’s right – NX 4x server/client has no such problem, only 3x server.

    Is it possible to tune 3x server?

    Or can I migrate from 3x server to 4x server w/o server machine content/functionality/data lost?


    Any questions and issues concerning NX 3.5.0 must be directed to the appropriate website channel. In this case, if you’re a customer with a valid subscription, that’s the customer area. If you are using a free product or an expired subscription, please go to the footer of the website, click Contact Us and select General Enquiries.

    The forums are entirely dedicated to NoMachine 4 and later. I recommend you try Workstation from the Terminal Server range with version 4 client (Enterprise Client or the free NoMachine package). If your problem persists, we can deal with the investigation appropriately as Graywolf mentioned.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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