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    Hi all

    I’m trying to get the free client/server working but I’m getting nonsense keyboard mapping: typing “qwerty” in the client results in “789-=[” appearing.

    Seems to be the same as this problem

    The server is from nomachine_4.4.12_11_amd64.deb installed on a Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS headless VM with lxde/openbox (64bit).

    The client is from nomachine_4.4.12_12_i386.deb installed on Debian 7.8 (wheezy) with openbox (actually Crunchbang Waldorf 32bit).

    Other than this strange keyboard mapping, all seems OK (if unusable). Any ideas please?



    Could you run these commands on client and server:

    xmodmap -pke > xmodmap.out

    xkbcomp -xkb $DISPLAY xkbcomp.out

    xprop -root | grep XKB > xprop.out

    and provide files xmodmap.out xkbcomp.out xprop.out ?

    Vinny Cree

    I’m having same problem but my client is in Windows. So I cannot run xmodmap and other commands on Windows enviorment. Do you have any suggestions? @graywolf


    I’m having the same error.  I only got this error after upgrading NoMachine after updating my mac to Yosemite…



    @xcribblesx : I guess you got it from client side. Nothing abnormal in those reports, by the way.

    I’d like to look at file under /usr/NX/var/log and $HOME/.nx directories, from client and server.

    Here you find detailed instruction for creating archives from those dirs:

    It would be also interesting to know the keycodes reported by xev tool for the troublesome keys.



    I am getting the same problem – the keyboard on NoMachine is completely unusable due to the mapping being screwed up. I am running Yosemite on my laptop and using NoMachine 4.4.12 to log onto a computer that runs KDE. This is not the case when I use NoMachine on my old laptop that runs mountain lion – the NoMachine gives me the correct mapping and everything works. Is there a work around for this yet?




    Please confirm you are trying to access an existing KDE desktop running on the physical display of your Linux server.

    In that case, I need you log in to your server using ssh, with the same user owing the KDE session.

    Then run the following commands:

    DISPLAY=:0 (assuming your physical desktop is using display :0)

    export DISPLAY

    xmodmap -pke > xmodmap.out

    xkbcomp -xkb $DISPLAY xkbcomp.out

    xprop -root | grep XKB > xprop.out


    Also this would be useful:xev > xev.log

    and try to press the “qwerty” keys in the test window that will pop up in the remote desktop.

    Let me have a look of the .log files.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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