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    So my Ubuntu 14.04 doesn’t display the external addresses, so I can’t access it from outside the local network. When I try to tick the Gateway port from the server preferences I get the message:

    “Failed to map the port on the gateway”

    As I have understood from the other topics, this is mostly likely due to the fact that my router doesn’t support UPnP and NAT-pmp. This is in the test environment though. I don’t know yet, what is the router I will actually use in front of the server. However, I will have access to configure that router.

    My question is: Will it be possible to use NoMachine for remote desktop over the Internet, even if the router doesn’t support the UPnP and NAT-pmp, if I configure the port forwarding correctly on the router? If this is possible, what other configurations should I do with the client, server and the router?

    Thank you for your help!




    You do not need UPnP and NAT-PMP to connect to your computer from the internet.
    You can configure the router to forward the connection from external IP and port 4000 to the IP and port 4000 of the local computer

    Of course, port 4000 is only an example, you can set it to a different one if you want.

    For example, you can set up port 4689 on your router so that it is redirected to the internal IP and port 4000 of your PC.

    In this case, to connect your computer form internet, you will need to set the external IP and port 4689 in nxplayer.

    Changes in the NoMachine server are not needed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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