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    Hi all

    I have a problem that I don’t get resolved.

    I have to work on a PC running Windows 10 in my medical practice. In my home office I run Ubuntu 16.04. I use two zywalls usg20-vpn to establish a VPN between the two offices. The VPN-Tunnel works fine. Head_SUBNET: (medical practice) and Branch_SUBNET: (home office). The PC running Windows 10 has the fix IP  In my home office I get the IP via DHCP from Branch_SUBNET. I have no problem to connect to another linux computer in my medical practice with the fix IP e.g. using FileZilla to interchange files.
    But I’m not able to connect to my Windows 10 computer using NoMachine.
    Some month ago my zywall usg20 crashed. The computer expert who was involved in my IT-infrastructure in my medical practice had installed two new usg20-vpns with the formerly backuped config-files. I never had problems using NoMachine with the same computers using VPN on the former usg20. But now … I have no idea what’s goes wrong.
    On both computers I use NoMachine free version.

    – logfile (session)
    – server.cfg
    – player.cfg

    I’m grateful for the help.

    Kind regards


    Any attachments can be sent to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com. If they are large files, or too many, attaching can sometimes fail. Make sure you include the title of your topic in the subject. Thanks!


    I try again to attach the config-files.

    I renamed them as .txt.


    Send the refused file via email to the address I indicated in my earlier reply, thank you. At this point I would also send us the full set of logs. To extract logs, see the following article,

    We need them from both the server side and the client side (the computer you are connecting to, not only from the computer you are connecting from).

    Can you tell me what message you are getting when trying to connect to your Windows machine? Are you able to connect the other way round, from the Windows computer to your Linux computer?


    I have sent my logs to



    in the attached logs there are no NX Player logs from Linux.

    In the link you can get help on how to do it:

    Server and NX Player logs should be done at the same time.

    The server logs indicate that you tried to set the server port to 3389. There were problems running nxd.exe during this attempt.

    Have you tried connecting to such a port via NX Player?

    The rest of the entries indicate that this port has been changed.

    Trying to connect from Linux (client) to Windows (server) you always have to connect to the port that has been set on the server side.

    The easiest way is to set the server to the default port 4000 and try to connect to it, after successful connection you can change this port to another one.

    In the link you can see how to check the server status and port:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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