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    I am trying to connect using NoMachine from a Mac to an older Surface Pro running Windows 10. When the Windows laptop lid is open, the connection works fine. Earlier today, with the lid closed, it kept the connection open. But now, when I close the laptop lid, the session goes blue, then gray with a reboot-looking spinning thing, then NoMachine gives up and says the connection timed out / was broken. I was trying to fix the Windows NoMachine settings so that a connection attempt would wake it up. I guess I clicked the wrong thing? Or there’s some other problem? I don’t understand why it would work and then stop working. I almost never use Windows so I have very little idea of what I’m doing over there.


    Hi bradbulger,

    So that we can queue up for investigation, can you please send us server-side logs? You can follow the instructions in this article:

    You can send the logs directly to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, adding the title of the topic in the email subject. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

Closed because the user did not provide further feedback. Please notify us if you confirm that it is resolved or open a new topic if you have the same problem.