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    I’m trying to connect an Ubuntu 15.10 machine (client) to an Arch Linux machine (server).  As stated in the topic, the connection isn’t going through as a result of an error 111.  I have collected and attached my client logs.  I would be more than happy to also collect and attach the server logs if you need them.  Please help.


    Please show NoMachine processes (execute command ps -Af | grep nx). If you have a firewall running, disable it first.

    Please run also debug in NoMachine configuration files, reproduce the problem and send logs from server and client side to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com? Follow this link to find instructions about collecting logs:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

Closed because the user did not provide further feedback. Please notify us if you confirm that it is resolved or open a new topic if you have the same problem.