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    To let you know a strange behaviour.

    I use NoMachine to play on my Win10 laptop using a LattePanda streaming cable.

    First it’s working great, NoMachine is really a good piece of software, adding a warning about the need of a HDMI headless dongle could be a good idea…

    I play remotely battlefield hardline without any problem.

    Then I install cyberpunk on the distant computer, the game start without problem but keyboard don’t respond and moving mouse cursor is ultra slow. Windows key works, and while cyberpunk turn in background, keyboard and mouse work well. So it’s cyberpunk related

    If I connect a keyboard and a mouse on the distant machine no problem.

    So I imagine the way Cyberpunk handle the keyboard and the mouse isn’t supported well by NoMachine. If it happend with cyberpunk, it can happend with others software, so maybe you can be interested to look why ?

    If I can provide any log that can help just tell me which one.




    Hi, we are aware of this issue. Thanks for taking the time to report.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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