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    I am testing NoMachine Free version on Linux (Kubuntu 14.04) and Windows 7 stations connecting to physical displays (all have dual monitors) remotely (machines are in different countries). So far it works fine but there is a very noticeable lag when viewing someone’s screens. I made sure (via router’s logs) that we are using UDP.  Lag is especially present if on screen there is a lot of content (for example HTML page with a lot of text and colours) as well as on scroll.

    I tried all option combinations in Display settings and fined tuned them. Lag is less but still considerable.

    Question:Next I would like to evaluate performance improvement between VP8 and H264. VP8 works out of the box. H264 requires additional installation that I can handle.
    Before I go installing H264, can you tell me whether H264 codec will yield better performance (less lag) than VP8?


    Hello milovan,

    yes, you can expect less lag with the H.264 codec. From our tests, H.264 uses 20-30% less bandwidth and takes 20-30% less time to encode a frame. Both those aspects will impact the latency.

    You may also be interested in our upcoming feature about hardware H.264 encoding:https://www.nomachine.com/FR03M0290

    This implementation will help reducing the encoding time and the CPU usage considerably.



    Thanks fra81, that sounds interesting. However, your link seems to be broken. I tried changing FR to AR (as most article links start with AR) but it doesn’t work. 🙁


    Here is the correct link: https://www.nomachine.com/FR03M02904

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