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    iOS limits the usability of the keyboard a lot. It would be nice to reassign keys e.g. the Caps Lock -> Escape, Command -> Control etc. This feature would allow for a consistent keyboard shortcut experience between different remote desktops.


    Also what I forgot to add is that the iPad Pro keyboard does not have an escape key which is essential in more traditional operating systems like Windows, Linux Distros, OS X.


    In order to offer as much modifiers as possible regardless the keyboard being used, the NoMachine app implements an extended keyboard bar. You can see it on top of your virtual keyboard or, if you’re using a physical keyboard, you can open it with three fingers tap or by tapping the Keyboard icon in the side toolbar. In the extended keyboard bar you’ll find Control, Esc, and other useful modifers and keys.

    As for the request to map keyboard modifiers depending from the remote OS, you may be interested in the following Feature Request:



    Thank you for the response. I know about the extended keyboard functionality. However when using applications where keys like escape are being used often (multiple times a minute) it is not an option. Partly because it takes away a screen real estate and partly because it is slower.


    Even though it only solves part of my problem, that feature request is definitely something I’ll be looking forward to.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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