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    I use NoMachine (NM) today for the first time and I am satisfied with the performance and responsiveness.

    However, I would like to point out a little feature that would improve the Client version. It is the autoscrolling functionality.

    When approaching a screen border, the contest start scrolling towards that direction. Unfortunately this is problematic because in fullscreen (one window) I need to watch out not to exit the monitor where NM runs, otherwise scrolling stops. This limits the maximum speed which I can scroll.
    Also, I need to pay attention when to stop scrolling and retracting the mouse from the edge again.

    For me, this is an unsatisfactory experience, I therefore want to request a different scrolling mechanism:
    It is similar to the panning functionality of that can be enabled via xrandr under linux. When the cursor bumps against a screen edge and is moved further against it, the mouse cursor says at the edge, but the screen content moves in the inverse direction. Unlike the current autoscroll function in NM client, the content does not move unless the mouse is moved around, which allows for an intuitive control of the panning speed and mouse position.

    If e.g. the mouse approaches the top edge, NM client needs to move the screen down and set the mouse position down the same distance that the content was moved. So the content never scrolls below a nonmoving cursor and if the user pushes the mouse further up, the process repeats.
    If no more scrolling is possible, NM client may release the mouse to be moved out of the window/to another monitor. Maybe this “cursor freeing” could also be triggered above a certain move velocity to avoid catching the mouse for an unecessary time.

    I would love to look forward seeing this feature implemented 🙂



    Is this even the appropriate place for feature requests? I saw a FR board on the main NoMachine page, but couldn’t figure out to write new FRs.


    Yes it is 🙂  Apologies for not replying sooner. Your Feature Request is under evaluation and we’ll update this space with more information soon.


    I appreciate your reply, nice to see that someone looks into it!

    Maybe you could make a setting where one can choose between the different scrolling mechanisms, I’m sure there are some users who like one better than the other.


    Hi raphCode. I’m very sorry for the long delay, we had to investigate, implement proof of concepts etc etc… It took a while. 🙂
    In the end we’ve considered the implementation of this Feature Request:

    Adding the edge scrolling method for navigating the viewport

    It’s not exactly what you have proposed, but it’s the closest solution we can implement on all supported platforms.


    Don’t worry about the delays, i think we are all busy and have a lot of work to cope with.

    The feature request sounds great, at least from the description the “grap the pointer” option is pretty much that what i expected! Looking forward to see this implemented!

    Awesome to see my request actually made it 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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