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    I used to be able to use Command-Tab when connected to my Linux session. Now I can’t – even when the NoMachine session window has focus and “Grab Keyboard” is ON, I can’t use Command-Tab to cycle through windows in my session.

    This used to work. How can I fix it? I’ve started and stopped the NoMachine client, I’ve triple-checked that “Grab Keyboard” is ON, but I still can’t get it to grab. I’m using the latest client and server (6.0.78) on macOS 10.13.3 and Ubuntu 17.10.

    I can’t get used to Option(“Alt”)-Tab to cycle through my Linux windows, so I remap it to Command(“Meta”)-Tab instead. When I need a window on my Mac, I click outside the NoMachine window to restore focus. But it doesn’t work any more.

    Please tell me there’s something I can tweak to make this work again. I know it used to.



    we couldn’t reproduce this in a quick test in our labs.

    Does the key combination cycle through the Mac windows now? Or it does nothing at all?

    Are you able to say at what point it stopped working? After a client or server OS update? After a NoMachine update?


    I have since switched to a Linux distribution built on Ubuntu 16.04 (KDE Neon) and I am able to grab Command-Tab again. When I was running the server on Ubuntu 17.10, it would cycle through the Mac windows instead of being grabbed and passed to the Linux machine.

    I suppose you can close this issue as non-reproducible, since I can’t reproduce it anymore either.


    OK, thanks for the update. If it happens again, please open a new topic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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