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    I noticed that graphic notices such as the lower right pop-ups when I receive mail or from other sources is “invisible” to the NoMachine client.  I can see it but I can’t click on any of the options to clear it.  And while it is present, I can’t click on anything else in the tray notification area – it’s like as long as that notification ballooon/box/whatever is present, NoMachine has no idea what to do.  If I disconnect and reconnect, the notice is gone and operations continue as expected – until I receive another notification.

    I also notice that the start menu is greatly reduced in size and I am unable to click on anything without an item 3 or 4 items down being clicked upon instead of the desired item.  To start anything I have to type the program name and press enter.  There are no characters being shown while I type when I do this….  it sucks to have to click the start button and type “outlook [ENTER]” to start outlook instead of clicking the micro-miniature icon and pray that the mouse alignment might just work…  it’s really weird – like an overlay problem or something….

    I just updated to the latest version hoping this would fix it but no dice.

    Win10 for both sides…..  Any suggestions?


    Doesn’t sound like a problem directly related to NoMachine if I’ve understood what you’ve written. Submit screenshots of the behaviour so I can understand better. Is the remote Windows host you are connecting to headless?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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