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    Hi all

    I am not really sure how to title my post. I am using NX NoMachine 4.2.25 nxplayer to connect to some remote Red Hat machines, both with GNOME and KDE desktops. Essentially all started with emacs not working properly. Characters are shown for 3/4 of the emacs editing window, the borders of the windows are undefined (as it happens when some graphics is not refreshed). Since it seem an X11 issue, I have tried to run xeyes and see that the two eyeballs are not shown properly. this issue came out of the blue since everything was fine until yesterday.

    I wonder if someone else out there is experiencing something similar …

    Thanks for any clue



    Can you confirm that you are connecting to a host with NoMachine 4 installed? Earlier versions such as NX 3.5.0 are dealt with via the traditional support channels. In that case, you can either submit your issue here, or via the contact request form by clicking Contact Us in the footer of the website.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

Closed because the user did not provide further feedback. Please notify us if you confirm that it is resolved or open a new topic if you have the same problem.