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    Hello, I have LM 19.3 Tricia installed on an AMD A6-3500 4 GB Ram.  The computer HDMI cable is run to my receiver and into a TV (Sony Bravia).

    Version 6.9.2 (Windows 10 client)

    Version 6.9.2 (Linux server)

    When the receiver and TV are on, I can remote into the system with no issues.  When I try to remote into the box when the receiver and TV are off (a ‘headless’ arrangement) my GUI will become unresponsive after 30 secs to a several minutes on the machine.  I can reboot the GUI (cinnamon) with CTRL-ALT-BSpace  but the error then reoccurs.

    I am pretty new to the linux world but let me know what additional data you want to help troubleshoot.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hello, it looks like your system goes into sleep or suspend state. There are multiple ways such feature is handled: it looks you could act on

    1. systemd targets
    2. kernel parameters
    3. Gnome shell settings

    This topic looks a small collection of things you could try: How do I disable my system from going to sleep?

    I would try with systemd target as first thing:

    sudo systemctl mask

    Thanks for the prompt reply Graywolf.

    I have some new information:

    1.  The computer appears to not go to sleep or suspend.  It ran a back up script last night and I can log into it today.

    2.  In order to prevent the GUI no responding, I selected ‘software rendering’ mode of cinnamon.

    3.  By doing this it looks like the system runs okay with the GUI a little slower, HOWEVER, my cpu is highly loaded.

    Question :  Is there anyway to tell the system to use the built in AMD GPU for the gui when no monitor is connected (ie. when my receiver is off and the HDMI is shut down)?


    I don’t know. It is possible perhaps configuring Xorg server to run over headless AMD card. If nothing else helps, using a fake display dongle cheating the video card would do the trick.


    Thanks Graywolf.

    I have an old, small 720p monitor attached to the machine now and it works fine.  If need to connect to my receiver, I will do it as needed by reconnecting the HDMI.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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