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    Is this supported yet?  At the moment it seems to use X11 and it is slow, laggy and the quality is quite poor (can see JPEG artifacts)?  The same happens if X11 is used for virtual desktop, but with H.264 forced (AgentX11VectorGraphics 0) it is much better.

    Alternatively supporting client multi-monitor with a window per-monitor (rather than only in fullscreen on all monitors) would also work for me, but I couldn’t work out if this was supported either (I suspect not).


    Hi facboy,

    Thank you for your questions and for sharing your use case with us.

    To support in floating windows the same display protocol that is used in virtual sessions when X11 vector graphics mode is turned off is not currently in our development roadmap plan.

    While is not planned to support your first request, we do have opened a feature request in line with your second suggestion: Making it possible to treat multiple monitors connected on the server as separate windows on client side. 
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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