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    I want to thank you for including H.264 in the NoMachine free version. I imagine it’s this cool change which has improved performance? I use NoMachine to remotely play my video games, and there’s basically no delay, it’s literally 60fps.

    I haven’t seen any other software that can do anything as powerful.


    I did notice a huge improvement with the new version, but I was not trying to understand what was changed, as normal human nature, we complain when there is the problem but we do not praise when we get something great like this product.

    Today when I saw this post I noticed that in my session i have the H.264 used and session is the same quality with the local screen.

    What I can state that software uses now more bandwidth, but with this improvement of session quality it is the small price to pay.

    Thank you guys!


    Hi noone and gamer, thanks for your feedback 🙂

    Let me point you to a recent comment of one of our developers to a similar topic submitted to the forums: https://forums.nomachine.com/topic/much-faster-screen-updates-in-latest-version

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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