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    My Setup:

    Client Machine (Work): Windows 7 Nomachine 4.3

    Server Machine (Home): OSX Mavericks Nomachine 4.3 Dual Screens (I turn on mirroring when I connect from work)

    Sometimes I get an error logging in or I get a black screen when I log in. When I investigated, I realized that this is because there is an orphan connection on my Home server. How can I force SESSION LIMIT to only 1 user (I am assuming this will then force orphaned sessions to close everytime I try and connect)


    Hello ang,
    NoMachine Free has licence that allows only for one connection
    to the server. If You suspect orphan connections please check
    output of commands:

    /etc/NX/nxserver –version
    /etc/NX/nxserver –list
    /etc/NX/nxserver –history

    To investigate possible issue with error logging in or a black
    screen please follow the instructions here:

    Please send logs and output of commands to issues[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Actually I think these orphaned sessions are a symptom of the main problem which is freezing (and sometimes black screens)

    I typically have to log in with vnc turn “off” then “on” nomachine before i can reconnect (because hitting “disconnect” doesn’t end the session(s) )

    I will email my log files.


    The latest update, 4.3.30 seemed to fix this issue

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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