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    I have many machines behind a router/NAT.  I can only access a single machine with NoMachine when I try to connect from outside the local network.  How do I see and connect to the rest of the machines?  Is this what the paid products can only do?  Thanks.


    I would recommend that you try NoMachine Cloud server evaluation NoMachine Cloud Server and setup multi node environment by connecting your local network machines to Cloud Server. Here are some information on how to setup Cloud Server based on your needs AR05R01090 – How to choose the most appropriate Cloud Server setup and configure it to allow access to NoMachine Servers.


    The one that would work I believe is:

    Use Case 2: Cloud Server behind a NAT

    So are you saying you can’t do this without the cloud server product?

    I checked the pricing, it is pretty expensive. I guess it sounds like without paying for the enterprise product, I can only access one machine on my home network.  Is that correct?


    I understand you in relation with the price of Cloud server, but i would recommend that you try its functionalities.

    When we want to speak about NoMachine servers behind NAT, basically you are going to be able to use any NoMachine server products behind firewall, but in order to use and control them from public network, you will need to setup port forwarding of different public port to the specific internal machine. For ex:

    publicIP:24000 --> IP1:4000
    publicIP:34000 --> IP2:4000

    Ah thank you, I understand the port forwarding you mentioned and will try it.

    And yes, I will also try the cloud product.  Thanks.



    I tried the Cloud server product.  I installed it on one of my clients.  Do I need to install it on all the clients?  I don’t understand what is different.  There is that web interface where I can connect to the computer where the cloud server is, but it’s just one client.  The others are still the same on the regular NoMachine free installs.  Anyway, I can’t tell what I am looking for, please advise.  Thanks.


    How do I see and connect to the rest of the machines?

    Cloud Server is installed on the computer/server which will function as the frontend gateway to your NoMachine nodes. Those nodes are the computers whose desktop you want to access. On each of the nodes you should install a product such as Enterprise Desktop, or any other type of commercial NoMachine server. Then you add these nodes to your Cloud Server. There is a basic tutorial which shows you how to add your NoMachine nodes:


    Once you ‘ve added the nodes, you will be able to “see” them once logged in to your Cloud Server.

    Also look at this document for illustrations of what it will look like:

    Finally, the Cloud Server Installation & Configuration Guide is an excellent document which guides you through the various steps of setting it up. You can find it here with all the other installation and configuration guides:


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