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    I have a good connection, good remote server ping (50 ms).

    But with latest NoMachine (4x-5x) my remote session became slower and slower

    For example, I have browser with several tabs with many content, with many form elements on them.

    And after switching between tabs it took seconds to render the screen.

    And even more – basic things like OS menu navigations, disk browsing and using OO Calc – went slower 🙁

    This is not depends on particular setup environment – I’ve tested on different environments.

    I try all settings I can change but access much slower than in was in 3x.

    I’m curious – can I speed up that rendering buying new video card for local computer maybe?

    Maybe there are some “speed up tips” ?


    This topic has come up often in the forums early on and we prepared a number of articles based on these forum posts that answer such questions about what has changed between version 3 and the later NoMachine software, now NoMachine 5.

    For example, a good article to start with is:

    You will read that in version 4 (now version 5) we introduced the “lightweight” mode. The lightweight mode is available in the Linux Workstation and all products providing Linux virtual desktops (so no lightweight mode for the free Linux version that doesn’t have virtual desktops). It works in the same way as NX 3, that is by using the glorious X11 protocol. The responsiveness with legacy X11 applications will be the same as you were accustomed to before. You probably won’t be able to watch Netflix or YouTube, do videoconferencing, play a game, but if you are not interested in doing that, lightweight NX 5 sessions are what you are looking for. I.e the Workstation would be a good starting point.

    Download it here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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