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    NoMachine: Free
    Version: 5.3.12
    Platform: Windows 8

    I installed/uninstalled NoMachine successfully. When I try to install it again I get this message: “Installation of the NoMachine USB Adapter has failed with error code: 183.”

    If I ignore this message I can successfully use NoMachine to connect to another computer but my USB device list is empty.

    USB devices are being shared in preferences:

    I followed these instructions to enable USB device sharing manually:

    There’s another post that mentions this same error:

    I’ve tried all sorts of things to resolve including multiple installs/uninstalls, PC restarts, etc.

    I tried to manually uninstall NoMachine USB devices (but the instructions here are outdated):

    I see NoMachine USB Host Adapter in device manager:

    Any help greatly appreciated to get USB device sharing working correctly.



    This issue is probably related with registering filters in registry. To resolve this I would suggest to follow those steps:

    1. Uninstall NoMachine

    2. Reboot the machine

    3. Check if “NoMachine USB Host Adapter” appears in device manager. If so, uninstall it.

    4. Unregister “NoMachine USB Hub Filter”. To do that, you need to:

    a) Open Windows registry: Menu start -> run -> regedit

    b) Find the following registry key in the tree on the left:


    c) Find UPPERFILTERS variable on the right side.

    Note: it should contain list of registered filters, but maybe it’s empty if no filter is registered.

    Edit UPPERFILTERS variable and remove entries containing nx prefix (e.g. “nxusbf”) if they exist.

    5. Reboot the machine

    6. Install NoMachine


    I hope this will help you.



    Thank you! I was able to successfully uninstall and re-install NoMachine based on these instructions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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