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    Have latest version of Kali running on a Pi3 and trying to setup remote desktop from a Mac

    Have NoMachine running on my Mac and got this onto my Kali PI

    However when you connect it limits the Resolution to 656 x 416

    When you plug a HDMI Monitor into the PI it runs at full resolution.

    Somewhere within Kali (I think) I need to change this as it appears that it believe it has the above as a Max Resolution UNLESS it has HDMI Connectivity

    Anyone else come across this?

    There is no config file (like on a Pi2) to change this

    Currently playing with xrandr to see if i can get this to work


    It looks like the display server does not provide multiple resolutions when no physical screen is connected.

    If you turn off GDM (or whichever display manager you are using) and restart NoMachine, a virtual display server is created. The virtual display provides multiple resolution (physical video output doesn’t matter).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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