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    I have two computers (different locations), one is running Windows 10 Home, second one is running Windows 10 Pro. Home (machine “A”) is server, Pro (machine “B”) is client. Both PCs are using free NoMachine soft (latest version, regularly updated).

    If I connect to my A server from B, and then I minimize NoMachine player (Ctrl+Alt+M), work on something else meanwhile on machine B and I try to switch back to NM player windows (connection to machine A is still open), usually I got weird result with my mouse/keyboard. It seems, that in my remote connection (machine A) either Control or Shift key is locked. It’s something similar to this troubleshoot: but in my case it’s not limited only to Explorer.

    It happens in every window on my remote system. For example, when I’m in mail client and I try to mouse click to certain thread, sometimes I’m highlighting several threads. When I try to scroll up/down with my mouse wheel in browser, instead I’m zooming in/out (Ctrl lock). Letters in keyboard are not “transmitted” as letters, but instead they behave like with Ctrl key pressed – f.e. when I try to write small letter “N”, I’m opening new window (Ctrl+N).

    This is very irritating behaviour. Every time, in order to repair that, I need to disconnect and connect again. Is there any patch to fix that?


    In the remote Windows OS, Ctrl and Alt key are left in the down state when you hit Ctrl+Alt+M. They should be automatically released in such kind of situation, so we created a Trouble Report for that (check the box to get notifications):

    Should it happen again, disconnect/reconnect is not the only workaround. Hitting Ctrl and Alt once would properly restore the state of those keys.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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