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    We had a need to interact with iOS and Android tablets in order to install custom settings and key pairs for our end users personal devices.  This technique worked for us, your mileage may very. 🙂  Here is how it’s accomplished (from Linux) in case this helps someone else.

    All of the configuration files on both platforms can be identical, but iOS is a bit more sandboxed.

    iOS — I used ifuse to get to NoMachine.  Make sure the application is already installed.  Then issue:    ifuse -udid <udid_of_device> –documents com.nomachine.nxplayer <mount_directory> .   Once mounted, a folder called NoMachine contains your .nxs files.  NoMachine sees them dynamically at startup if they are placed in this folder.  If this folder does not exists, that means the NoMachine has not yet been run once, and you can safely create the folders on your own.  There is a folder nx/config/ that contains the client.cfg file.  This too can be created and installed.  I created a tarball with all of our settings, and the tablets then just mount and extract the tarball after ifuse mount and they get a fully configured and tuned tablet.

    Android — I used mtpfs to mount these devices.  The command is very simple, just go-mtpfs <mount_directory>.   On the devices that I tested, the root folder is called “Internal storage” Inside that folder, NoMachine just needs a NoMachine folder with the .nxs files, and then a .nx/config/client.cfg folder and file (note that Android is a dot folder).  The client will dynamically see what you load into this area on next launch.

    Using this technique on both iOS and Android, sometimes you have to force kill the app once to get the old settings out of memory.

    Anyway, this is working for us.


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