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    Now that iPadOS 13.4 supports bluetooth and USB mouse it would be great to implement the new APIs in NoMachine.

    H264 HW decoding is my other awaited feature for the iOS version of the app.


    Hi. In version 13 you could enable the AssistiveTouch to use the mouse with NoMachine on iPad. Now that the mouse has received a better integration in 13.4, we’ll soon explore the possibilities we have to know how to improve the app.
    If you’ve any feedbacks, please share them with us!


    I just tried using the iPad client to access a Linux (Ubuntu 20.20) desktop and it works really well from an audio/video perspective. Even the mouse support works well, *except* for the lack of scroll wheel support. Scroll wheel does work in IOS Chrome and Safari, so it seems possible to make it work in 13.4.

    If the scroll wheel worked this would be amazing.


    Hi. We’re working on improving the mouse support on iPadOS, we’ll be sure to check wheel usage too. Thank you for the feedback!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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