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    I’ve got NoMachine server running on an Ubuntu 18.10 machine with an extended desktop over 2 monitors.

    I’ve got my NoMachine client running on a Windows 10 laptop with 3 additional monitors using a docking station.

    The NoMachine client will only display the main/primary desktop from the server.

    Is there any way to get the server to recognize the multiple monitors available and for the client to display them?

    When I tried the multiple monitors option on the client it just displayed the server’s one monitor display across all of the client’s monitors.



    Hi. You can select the remote monitor to show in the client window, try the shortcuts Control + Alt + A to show them all, or Control + Alt + <monitor number> (and Control + Alt + I to know their numbers) to select a single monitor. You can then enable the fullscreen (or multi-window fullscreen) to match client and server monitors. However if your monitors layout and geometry on the client are different from those on the server, the result could not be the one you expect. In order to make that easier, this feature request when implemented will be helpful:


    I have a comment/question related to the above.

    So the concept of NoMachine is to take the remote screens to the displaying machine, and not vice versa?

    For example,  when one runs a virtual machine one provides to the virtual machine whatever monitors the host machine has; the guest doesn’t have its own physical displays. I was expecting that similarly, in a NoMachine session,  there would be the possibility to switch the remote computer to use whatever displays the controlling computer has and blank/not use its own physical display if it even has one.

    From what I read here (and in the proposed feature request) it looks like the direction is the opposite – to take whatever displays the remote machine has to the local desktop in a separate window each, and if the local computer has multiple monitors, then on /may/ put each remote display into a local one. But what if the remote computer only has one display – then it will ever display locally as one, and one may not extend its desktop into the local multiple monitors?



    From you’ve written Patok, this is probably what you’re interesed in:

    Making it possible to treat multi-monitors on the client as separate monitors in virtual desktop sessions

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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