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    I have NM set up on two Windows 10 machines, the local machine is a single user, the remote machines has multiple users.

    I’ve followed the support instructions to generate public and private keys using ssh-keygen with no passphrase, created the authorize.crt file on the REMOTE machine and copy & pasted the contents of the  public key file into it.

    Notepad++ used to edit all files.

    authorize.crt file contains: (info removed, available as attachment privately)

    Now for my problems….

    1. When connecting to the remote machine it gives me a “Session negotiation failed. Error cannot accept public key”. Why? What am I doing wrong?
    2. The remote machine is a multiuser machine and I would want to be able to log in as any user as required. Do I have to do the above for ALL users or is there a generic place I can put authorize.crt for all users?


    Finally, I’m beginning to wonder if all of this faff is worth it for remote support and wouldn’t be better going back to something like [removed] etc. Convince me that NoMachine is worth the effort 🙂



    Generally you need to set up the key for every user in that user’s homedir/.nx/config directory. There is not a “one place for all users” directory.

    “Error cannot accept public key” is a generic error message to avoid publishing sensitive security information. You will need to take a look in the logs on the server side where the exact error should be reported. It could be to do with a missing file, wrong permissions etc.

    In case of problems with understanding, send to us nxserver.log and nxerror.log from C:/ProgramData/NoMachine/var/log directory.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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