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    NoMachine connects but doesn’t display the remote server screen

    I have installed the latest NoMachine server on my work LINUX (64 bit) computer (the remote) and the latest NoMachine client on my Windows 7 laptop.

    I can make a successful connection to a remote server machine with NoMachine client but I don’t see the linux server screen on my laptop. The laptop NoMachine client shows a blank screen.

    If i try to move my mouse on the laptop (blank screen) , I can see the mouse move on the linux server screen but the laptop screen does not display anything and is blank.

    Please help asap.




    What Linux distro do you have installed, and the version too? What’s the application and desktop environment? Additionally, logs would be useful. Follow the instructions here: Reproduce the problem and then attach them here or send them to issues[at]


    Linux Version: Oracle Redhat Linux 5

    Desktop: Windows 7

    I could not locate the log files in Windows 7, can you please let me know the full path and the log file name.

    Thanks for your help,


    On the client side (on Windows 7):
    – Start the session and reproduce the problem
    – go to C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\.nx\
    – find newest R-* directory and compress it .

    Make sure you set in the player settings ‘do not delete old log files on exit’ (Open the UI, click ‘Player settings’ icon, click ‘Player options’)


    OK, I just un-installed ver 4 and downgraded to ver 3.5 as ver 3.5 was working fine for me. I had to install the new ver 4 as I got a new linux box

    I get the following error when I try to start the server

    [skekkar@rws65223fwks ~/Downloads]$ sudo /usr/NX/bin/nxserver –start
    NX> 611 No subscription information found. Please visit the
    NX> 611 NoMachine web site at
    NX> 611 to acquire a valid subscription.
    NX> 611 The NX server can’t perform the requested operation.
    NX> 999 Bye.


    Please help as this is free version.


    Probably due to the previous package that you had installed. I suggest uninstalling all packages again, removing the directory and reinstalling.



    I am getting the same issue, Can anybody suggest me the fix ?

    I am using windows 7, I am able to connect to Linux(Redhat) but can only see the title bar (first 1 inch of the screen, rest are blank)

    When I try connect from mac or other windows machine , It worked fine. I have the latest version of NX client and I even tried reinstalling it.

    I am attaching the logs for your referance.





    Just an FYI … I had problems connecting the way that I wanted from XP-Pro-64 to Win7 with NM 4.1 free version – and I played with settings trying to get what I wanted. When I un-checked the [match resolution] box, (that only shows up while you are in the middle of trying to make a connection), I got a blank remote screen every time I tried to connect. [match resolution] HAS to be checked for me to connect to my Win7 laptop – (I’ve turned it on & off to verify in MY environment).



    Please be sure that all of you update to the latest version: 4.2.19. This should be always a requirement before starting any investigation.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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