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    I use NoMachine 7.7.4_1 on Linux.
    I take directly remote control of other Linux (Xubuntu 20.04).
    It works fine.
    But for example, if the remote session locks after inactivity or screensaver, after NoMachine is very slowly/time lag.
    If I click or type on the keyboard there is a time lag of 2 seconds.
    I have tried to restart the remote NX Service but it doesn’t change anything.
    The only way to solve the problem I found is to reboot the remote computer.
    Does exist a solution to resolve this without reboot?
    With this old topic I check the CPU usage and it’s not high.
    Have you an idea ?



    we got this problem before. We investigated and excluded it was a NoMachine issue, but it was rather an issue related to the RANDR X server extension. No Trouble Report exists for this problem and that was a mistake. This issue is annoying and a TR would have been useful as a reference for anyone reproducing it. When the lag occurs, do you experience the same lag on the local, physical machine?

    From the investigations we found that applying a resize of the screen of the desktop, using the RANDR X extension, resolved the problem. I don’t remember if applying a resize with the same size the desktop already had made the trick, but you can try it yourself. To try this, open a terminal and use the xrandr command to list the available resolutions (‘xrandr -q’), then set one of them (‘xrandr -s WxH’). This should clear the lag. Another thing we could do is sending a fake input event at intervals to prevent the screen from going to sleep, but this can be obviously annoying, for the user, that would never get its screen into sleep.

    BTW, are you using an NVidia graphic card? Are you using the NVidia proprietary graphic driver? Because also these two X driver’s bugs can apply:


    Thank you for the ideas.

    An other solution have find is to open other session, restart NoMachine server, and logoff and logon on the first session who had problem before, and lag disappear.


    *not nvidia drivers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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