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    Will there be a server version for Android and when to expect it?

    Thank you.


    The main scope of NoMachine software is to provide access to the remote desktop (virtual or physical) and all the functionality associated with it (including attached devices, not just the apps/software running there), whether that’s your own personal computer/laptop, or a machine made available to you somewhere on the network; so you can work anywhere, access all your content from anywhere, and leave your machine and what’s on it where it is.

    Having a NoMachine server for Android could be a possibility to allow customers to receive remote assistance on their device, for example, but that use case represents a very small percentage of our customers. It’s something we have evaluated but not officially added to our roadmap yet (but it’s in our future plans), given that we have always focused on bringing the full computing capacity of a desktop to the user.

    True, you can carry out remote support with NoMachine software which NoMachine handles with extreme efficiency; indeed some of our customers use it so that their remote admins can carry out unattended and attended access on a Windows workstation or HPC Linux server. But remote mobile device support is not currently a priority.


    +1 a server is also needed for Android

    Android is not only used in mobile Phones but also Runs Desktop PC’s and HTPC’s / TV’s

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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