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    To all NoMachiners,

    we’ve released a software update aimed at solving some issues affecting the previous releases. The new version, 4.6.12, provides fixes for the following problems among others:

    TR07M05788 – Some shortcuts are not sent to the NoMachine session when the client is on Mac OS X
    TR06M05611 – Wrong UDP port causes slowness when watching video
    TR05M05382 – Two physical displays are listed as available on Mac OS X, but only one desktop is working
    TR12L04742 – Cannot start a session when XDM indirect query is chosen
    TR06M05585 – The nxnode process on Windows has high CPU usage when the host name contains non-Latin chars
    TR06M05548 – IE goes back in history when pressing the backspace key inside the NoMachine web session

    For the full list please see the announcement here:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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