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    Out of nowhere (as I’ve had NoMachine installed for about 2 months on this desktop) my computer BSOD’s and restarts on loop giving a number of different errors.

    Some of these include

    System Thread not handled
    Kernel Security check failure
    page fault in nonpaged area
    win32kbase system service expception
    ntfs.sys failure (i dont remember exact thing for this one)

    My system will boot up into the start menu, I can log in and either during the log in or within ~10 seconds of logging in it blue screens with one of the errors previously mentioned.

    Every other BSOD it boots into a recovery mode and will let me log into an nx account (which I thought was weird at first but then I remembered that NoMachine uses the term nx occasionally.

    So then I looked up BSOD issues with NoMachine and the nxusb driver issue pops up so I figure the core issue may be that. The solution to that involves open up CMD, which I can’t access because Im stuck with this nx user that its asking me a password for.

    Is there a generic password for this account? I can’t for the life of me remember ever setting up a password for an account when installing NoMachine. I know it wouldn’t be a password I used for the services I use NoMachine for (I use it to hook up to a server at uni for a piece of software they don’t want to provide)

    I can’t get into my computer normally, it just BSOD’s every time so the only options I have are to either wipe everything and do a fresh install (something I’d like to avoid for obvious reasons) or to get this password and use it to fix the issue properly

    I’ve googled a number of things and most articles for those issues mention driver issues.


    I assume you are using the latest NoMachine software, correct? What version of Windows are you using? Have you done a recent update of the OS?


    Yes, I dont remember exact service pack for windows 10 it is, and I dont think I updated it recently?


    Hello Dalamar,

    In order to access safe mode, you should press Ctrl + F8 during system startup. If it doesn’t work, due to startup process being too fast, every fourth failed startup you will be asked to select startup options.

    There are few of them, some of them allowing to display desktop. Regardless of what you pick, you should be asked to choose user with Administrator’s rights. NX account is technically member of Administrators group, however, this is not an account which is meant to be logged on interactively. It’s for NoMachine’s internal use only. Please, pick another Administrator account. In the rare case your admin account got somehow accidentally removed or corrupted, you can try ‘Repair your computer’ option, accessible from Windows installer. Boot from your Windows installation media and choose ‘Repair your
    computer’ instead of ‘Install now’.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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