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    If I start nxserver on boot, it detects the running Xorg SDDM instance when I connect to it with the NoMachine client.
    Everything is fast in SDDM but as soon as I login to the KDE session everything becomes very slow after 2 seconds (I notice it on the spinning circle) and the desktop is unusable, it updates every 5 seconds or so. If I go physically to that computer running the nxserver, the Xorg screen is black.

    However, if I instead stop nxserver and restart SDDM then physically login on the machine using the SDDM KDE session and start nxserver from KDE, then go back and connect using the NoMachine client everything is fast.

    I’m not sure what happens in the first case scenario? Any ideas? Would be nice to be able to initiate a connection through nxserver and SDDM without physically logging in first.

    KDE 5.21.4
    NoMachine 7.4.1
    Gentoo Linux


    Black Xorg screen make me think KDE failed to find connected physical screens. Let me suggest to look at KDE log as first thing (try: journalctl -b -0 | grep -i -E "kde|plasma"). Then look at NoMachine logs (specially search for files $HOME/.nx/*/session).


    I couldn’t find much in the logs but I checked chrome://gpu when running google chrome and it reports intel as video driver, everything seems normal there.
    I also noticed that NX creates a directory under /var/lib/sddm/.nx that contains logs etc… so I’m a bit confused, NX seems to create logs all over the place.

    It’s a laptop I’m trying to connect to.
    I guess I can live with physically logging in first and starting nxserver manually but it would be nice if it worked without doing so.

    Totally different issue but I can’t for the life of me get pulseaudio forwarding to work. I don’t have any NX audio sliders under the volume control. (I had it working once, but then after a reboot, they went missing for good)
    There are no NX sinks to be found. I even made pulseaudio system-wide but it didn’t change anything. 🙁
    NX is configured for pulseaudio…


    I think I  figured the slowness/black screen issue out, it happens if the laptop lid is closed when connecting to the running xorg/sddm instance. If the lid is open and the screen is active, it works as intended.
    Is there any fix/workaround for this other than having the lid open at startup/reboot?

    Now I only need sound working…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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